We propose

EOS CHROME Aims to Establish a New Block Order

  • Objective 1

    A decentralized 3rd generation Blockchain Platform to solve the Blockchain Trilemma

  • Objective 2

    A trustless, next-generation Smart Contract architecture that expands the boundaries of real-life Smart Contract applications

  • Objective 3

    A sustainable, decentralized application ecosystem that encompasses the existing application platforms


EOS CHROME Technologies

Burn & Earn DPos

EOS Chrome is an EOS-based, decentralized Blockchain platform. While
maintaining the scalability approaches of EOS, EOS Chrome fundamentally
enhances the consensus algorithm to maximize the platform decentralization.

Inter-Contract Communication

EOS Chrome offers a next-generation smart contract architecture called
Inter-Contract Communication (ICC). ICC extends simple execution of terms to
‘selective sharing’ of authorization in the complex web of real-life interactions.

Dapp Ecosystem

EOS Chrome ecosystem is closely related to the decentralized applications.
By combining the main Blockchain platform and the Dapp ecosystem, EOS Chrome will leverage the partnership and the ensuing synergy.

About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate Blockchain enthusiasts and developers who truly believe in the power of decentralization. We are motivated to actualize the Blockchain technology that is applicable and beneficial in real life. Our ultimate ambition is to establish 'The New Block Order'. The first phase of our journey is 'Trilemma to Trinity'.